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Welcome to GEM Electronics, Our Mission: Solving Problems

Our Story ...

Gem Electronics was founded in 1999 by principals that have been in the design and manufacturing of coaxial products since 1975.

Initially, a manufacturer of standard coaxial connectors and adapters for the CATV, CCTV and general electronics marketplace, we moved quickly to a problem solving institution as we heard and witnessed the Connectorization problems that were persistent in the CCTV market. Installers were experiencing signal failures consistently at an unacceptable rate.

Our mission statement thus became one of solving these problems. We assisted the installer base in drastically reducing that unacceptable failure rate by listening to their concerns and responded first by developing superior connectors including our Universal and UniCrimp BNC Connectors and Compression F, BNC and RCA Connectors. Next we published a cable-connector-selector chart to be sure the proper connector was being used with the coax cable of choice. Finally we developed training videos describing "Connector Fundamentals and another detailing the "Precise Cable Assembly Procedures" to follow to guarantee a perfect termination every time. All within this website.

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Training Videos

We offer a number of comprehensive training videos for our products. Some of the videos include:

  • Compression Cable Assembly
  • Crimp-Crimp Assembly
  • Crimp-On Assembly
  • EZ-On RJ45 Assembly
  • Twist-On Assembly
  • Balun Technology